Monday, March 5, 2012

February ends and we are in our new farm

After so many false starts, we finally made it into Murramarang! And we are delighted!

On the 17 February we finally closed on our small property. It had been a very rough road with complications on every twist of the road forward...and things did not get clear until two days before closing (this was the second attempt to close). But we finally signed away our lives again and were handed the keys to our sweet place.

With the keys in hand, we spent the next four days cleaning, repainting and getting prepared to move in to our three bedroom one bathroom cottage. The place cleaned up so well and with new painted ceilings and walls on all the bedrooms and carpets put down, most of the house looks fantastic!

The kitchen is in its original state. We took out the old propane 1960's stove and, after a flirt with a second hand stove, now have a spanking new stove in and connected. The kitchen cupboards needed to be cut to fit a fridge and we still have a second hand dishwasher sitting waiting to be installed.

The bathroom - well its will wait for a future renovation.

It is a lot of work, it is expensive - but its home!