Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has arrived! (yipeeeeeeeeeee)

It finally feels like spring on the farm.  After just a few weeks of warmer weather (read above freezing) the snow has now all gone and we have managed to make a start on some outside jobs.  We have started to prepare the vegetable beds, planted strawberries in front of the house, cleaned out the chickens winter coop and worked on some of the electric fencing.  The animals are happy - and when we get to wear T shirts and not ski parkers, we are happy too!

Our bathroom projects have come close to being done.   We have tested the upflush loo system and all works great!   We seem to have a leak in the water fittings behind the there is our next rainy day project :(  We have to do some trim work, add some kind of a ceiling and we are done.   Still, in the meantime it is functional so number one daughter (who is currently working in a volunteer project in Costa Rica) will not have to share a bathroom with the rest of the family :)

Now we are making plans for how to spend our little bit of savings on the farm this summer.  Fences are my plan...but we might need to rent a tractor to clean up the horse fields and maybe try and clean a spot for a riding arena.  If we had the cash we would buy a tractor...but at around $20K its not in our sights.  We don't even have the cash for repayments as yet - but we are working on that plan.  We will do without with the occasional rental to get tasks done! :)

Still...its getting warm and spring is here.  So all is happy and good on Murramarang.  Life continues to be good!