Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Welcome Lola!

This weekend we added to our menagerie with a new dog.  Meet Lola, a 7 year old chihuahua who has been 'rehomed' to us from a local family who no longer could care for her.

She is a complete sweetheart!   We love her so much...and our little chihuahua-cross boy (Blu) is even more in love.  He has a new lease on life after twelve months of deep doggy depression.

Other farm news...
We started planting vegetables this last weekend.   It was beautiful warm weather and the soil in the raised beds was moist and warm.   Of course living in Maine means that we could still have frosts until the end of May, but we are taking a gamble.   The kids helped plants some seeds in starter jiffy pots in doors the previous week...and so we had some corn and butternut pumpkin plants ready to roll.  Bush beans went right into the soil.  Potatoes are in tires (an experiment).

After the chickens decided to attack the new garden (and we lost about half of the corn shoots) we put wire around the beds to keep them out.....an early and frustrating setback.   But we love that our chickens free range...and so we had to compromise.

I continue to read and study ways to make our farm more 'farm-like'...but have come to the realization that the primary income will always have to be my full time job, and that tinkering is about all we can do.   But its fun to tinker and dream when spring is here!