Saturday, May 26, 2012

A colorado farm update - late May 2012

A Colorado farm update!

After a failed attempt to rent over the winter and a few months being empty and on the market, we have been forced to get more renters into our farm in the end of the day we just diod not have the money to keep the place empty!

So we advertised on CraigsList and had a flurry of folks come and look.  One set of folks had seen the place before when the first set of renters moved in...and got back in touch.  They went out and looked and fell in love with the place.   Like all renters it seems, they have a sob story of not being able to finance a purchase, but these folks seem very determined.  They want to lay down $10K as a deposit if we will rent it to them till July next year...and then they will buy.

So, starting in the first week of June, we will have renters back into the farm.   I will breath easier that we have some income coming in....but wait for each and every call that they have had some sort of 'issue'........i hate being a landlord!

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