Thursday, May 12, 2011

Renters are weeds....

A rainbow shows how close to heaven our barn is on BluBelle Farm.

How sad it is to see a place you put blood - sweat and tears into become run down by lazy renters! After all the work Jen and I (and friends who visited) put into clearing away tumble weeds and putting up fencing - just to see the fields completely over run with weeds and fencing all broken is heart breaking.

I guess I was never cut out to be a landlord. I hate having to chase people for rent. I hate having to send official notices telling renters that they have to 'pay on time or move out'. I hate having to try and tip toe around sensativities when people are living in the last dream we had.

But a landlord I am - and a hard-arsed one at that. The final notice was sent and as of the 18 May, the rent-to-buy process is over....and I will be dealing with just a renter who has 13 days to pack up and move out.

I just need to keep a focus on the prize here. Why should the renters live in our last dream and stop us from moving onto the next dream? Why are they on 5 acres and a 1976 sq 4 brd room house when we are on 0 acres, 2 bedroom apartment?

So we now have our fingers crossed that the next stage (they moving out and us cleaning up) goes smoothly!

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