Sunday, December 18, 2011

A load of water has passed under the bridge.....

Winter may have now arrived in Maine and we are looking at a few major developments in our quest to have a farm up in the North East of USA.

Our farm back in Colorado did not sell this year and so we rented it out again. This lasted all of three months - with the renters deciding that they could no longer afford it (which is a complete bummer). Come January 10 we will be without renters and income to put food on the table! That sucks! But we know we had good interest in renters last time and sort of hope we can get more renters into it withing two months. t the same time, we intend to put it back on the market using a different agent - and hope to move it through the year. So that's the stressful bad part of the story. Lets not dwell on it too much...

The other stressful but good news is that we are under contract for a place in Maine. It is just over 12 acres of beautiful pasture land with a small crappy house (3 bedroom, one bathroom). It has a great large garage and a small run down barn/shed. We think we can get at least two horses in the barn...with a little room for hay storage...but it will take some repairs to make it stable and safe. The down side is that we need to get a new septic system and furnace in the house for it to be able to be 'home'....but we are working on a loan to include those things in the price (by the way ..its a GREAT price).

Probably the best part is that it is right close to family - you could walk to their place! That will be a big help for us - and t be honest, the whole reason we moved to Maine.

So fingers crossed that we move this one forward.....a few more steps to go, but things are looking good :)

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