Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new year - lets hope some steps in a better direction!

2012 rang in for us with very little fanfare. However we know it is going to be a better year as soon as we get over the January hum. This month we have on our plates:

1. Getting rid of a set of bad renters in our farm in Colorado. They are supposed to move out by 10 January.
2. Clean up the farm in Colorado, lay some new carpet, fix some deck boards and get the beast back onto the market.
3. Pack up the apartment in which we live in Maine.
4. Successful close on the contract for the farm in Maine we are buying.
5. Clean, paint and re-carpet the house on the Maine farm.
6. Move from the apartment to the new farm.
7. Clean the apartment (boy we will need that deposit back!)
8. Sell the farm in Colorado (ok...maybe we will need longer that the rest of January).

Lucky I have experience in project management (and a great neighbor in Colorado!).

I hope that your 2012 starts off a little less busy and that it goes with much love, health and happiness!

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